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Application Scientist| Paleoclimate Researcher| Earth Science Communicator

I ​am currently working as an application scientist in the field of geochemical metrology. I was previously associated with Mewbourne School of Geosciences, University of Oklahoma as a Postdoctoral Researcher. I completed my PhD in Sedimentary Geochemistry-Paleoceanography-Paleoclimatology from Rice University, Houston TX.

I specialize in deciphering past climate conditions by studying marine sedimentary rocks. My work specializes in integrating sedimentary, isotopic, and paleontological proxies from sedimentary archives to reconstruct past greenhouse climates.

I am also an active researcher in understanding how to better address Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI) issues at the intersection of society and geosciences.

Apart from being a geoscientist and a woman of color in STEM, I like to call myself a travel photographer, a gourmet, and a coffee&cocoa enthusiast!

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Please get in touch with me for any research questions, future collaboration and geoscience job opportunities.


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