Postdoctoral Research Associate
Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy
OU, Norman

I ​am currently doing postdoctoral research in the School of Geosciences, University of Oklahoma. I completed my PhD in Sedimentary Geochemistry-Paleoceanography from Rice University, Houston TX.

I study marine sedimentary rocks to unravel past climates and carbon cycle processes of our planet. My work specializes in integrating sedimentary, isotopic, and paleontological proxies from sedimentary archives to reconstruct past greenhouse climates.

I am also an active researcher in understanding how to better address Diversity-Equity-Inclusion (DEI) issues at the intersection of society and geosciences.

Apart from being a geoscientist and a woman of color in STEM, I like to call myself a travel photographer, a gourmet, and a coffee&cocoa enthusiast!


Contact me!

Please get in touch with me for any research questions, future collaboration and geoscience job opportunities.